How to Care For Your Print

Once your artwork arrives it's time to frame it, hang it, and love it. We want you to enjoy it for a lifetime so here's a few pointers to help take care of it the best you can.

Frame It

Our frame it section will guide you through how to frame your artwork. Not only will it give your artwork that finishing touch it will also help to preserve it - we recommend using only acid free tapes and mounts, which will also help should you choose to re-frame it at any stage.

Temperature and Humidity

Much like us, artwork doesn't like going to and from extreme temperatures – just think about those summer months jumping from the desert heat to air conditioned malls. Aim to maintain a consistent temperature between 19-25 °C, with a relative humidity of 40-65% to ensure the safety of your artwork and frame.

Air Conditioning

Here in the GCC air conditioning is a way of life, be careful when hanging your artwork that it's not directly positioned somewhere that it could potentially be damaged should your air conditioning leak.


All artwork whether an original or print, is susceptible to damage from light that can fade the artwork in time. This doesn't mean you need to live behind drawn curtains, just don't place it in direct sunlight.


There may come a time when you wish to transport or ship your artwork, and will need to carefully package it to protect it from damage. If moving framed artwork with glass we recommend placing masking tape in diagonal lines directly onto the glass creating a cross. Should the glass break in transit this will protect the artwork from being damaged by shards of glass. Then wrap the artwork in brown paper before applying bubble wrap. If you don't have brown paper make sure the bubbles are on the outside, this will ensure the bubbles wont effect the paint finish or varnish on the frame. Unframed prints should always be wrapped in acid free tissue paper and secured in a packaging tube.

If shipping artwork, we recommend working closely with your shipping agent to ensure the artworks are packaged safely. If in transit for a lengthy period of time make sure they are shipped in air controlled containers.