Ramadan Kareem!

Capsule Arts wishes you and your family a blessed holy month of Ramadan.

We're pleased to announce that all three limited edition art prints in Emirati artist Khalid Mezaina's series, 5 Times a Day will be included as part of 'Reflections', an exhibition that explores notions of reflection during the holy month of Ramadan. UAE-based artists reclaim local materials and spaces to create works that encourage an introspective approach towards the local and the present.

Inspired by the spirit of Ramadan, the exhibition redefines the boundaries of personal and social spaces and proposes an alternative way of looking at one’s surroundings. It offers a space that explores these notions. From raw materials found in the UAE to suspended moments of worship and spirituality along the many highways of Dubai, the collection of work promises a much-needed pause during Ramadan.

Exhibiting artists are: JZ Aamir, Maitha Abdulla, Reem Falaknaz, Rand Abdul Jabbar, Zeinab Al Hashimi, Khalid Mezaina, Latifa Saeed, Saher Oliver Samman and Mohamed Somji.

Held in Emaar's popular Ramadan tent on the Downtown Boulevard in Dubai. The tent will run from 18 June till the end of Ramadan. As well as having some fantastic art relating to Islamic culture on show, Emaar's Ramadan tent offers a perfect place for families and friends to gather during Ramadan, with its blend of Islamic Art and Arabian hospitality.

All three prints in Khalid's series are available to purchase here: 5 Times a Day #15 Times a Day #2 5 Times a Day #3

5 times a day combo
5 times a day combo

Khalid often reflects on Arabic culture and everyday life in his art, and last year we collaborated with the talented artist to bring out a special charitable art print for Ramadan, Porta Mosque.

Khalid Mezaina, Porta Mosque, 2014, Courtesy the artist and Capsule Arts
Khalid Mezaina, Porta Mosque, 2014, Courtesy the artist and Capsule Arts

The piece was inspired by the UAE's many temporary mosque structures that can be found at construction sites and around the Emirates. 25% of proceeds from each sale go to The Big Heart Campaign, a UAE charity for Syrian refugee children.



Capsule Arts artists featured in the RCA Secret Dubai 2015 exhibition

Now that the identities of the previously anonymous regional and internationally acclaimed artists and designers participating in the recent RCA Secret Dubai exhibition have been revealed, we can officially let you know which Capsule Arts artists were involved! A number of the artists that we work with for our limited edition print collection participated in the exhibition, submitting original postcard-sized artworks which were exhibited at Art Dubai last weekend. All these postcards were up for sale on Saturday 21 March for AED500, with sales proceeds going towards supporting students of the Royal College of Art.

Check out the postcards by CA artists below...

Lama Khatib Daniel

Buy Lama Khatib Daniel art prints


Khalid Mezaina launches new zine 'fade away & illustrate

We can't wait to see CA artist Khalid Mezaina's new illustration zine, 'fade away & illustrate'! The zine launches tonight, 19 March from 7.30pm, at Sikka Art Fair 2015, in an event hosted by thedesign house no. 28 in Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood. Zines will be on sale at the launch and for the duration of the fair (14-24 march) for just AED30. We work with Khalid for our limited edition print collection and you can buy prints of his art here.

Speaking about his new zine, Khalid says:

"After hosting a series of zine workshops over the last couple of years, I've been inspired to publish a self-initiated illustration zine titled 'fade away & illustrate'. It was a challenging process, but I'm glad to say that the zines are finally fresh off the press and ready to be shared to the world. 

'fade away & illustrate' is an attempt at gathering some of the best illustrators around town and sharing their work to the masses. Each issue a group of illustrators are asked to respond to a theme, the first issue being 'introductions'. And what better way then to introduce these talented artists but through their awesome drawings?

The title 'fade away & illustrate' is inspired by blondie (one of my favorite bands in existence) and their song 'fade away & radiate'."

Fade Away & Illustrate LAUNCH evite
Fade Away & Illustrate LAUNCH evite