Meet the artists

meet the artists_flat
meet the artists_flat

We're delighted to announce the 18 artists who will feature in the launch collection of Capsule Arts limited edition prints, the vast majority of whom live, work and produce art in the UAE.

Andrew Field, Arcadia Blank, Emily Gordon, Fathima Mohiuddin, James Matthews, Jill Thomas Whatley, Julia Ibbini, Kate Toldeo, Kathryn Ryan, Kathryn Wilson, Khalid Mezaina, Lama Khatib Daniel, Matt Ryder, Mohammed Al Qassab, Nasir Nasrallah, Nivedita Saha, Noush Like Sploosh, and Perryhan El-Ashmawi.

In the coming weeks Capsule Arts would like you to get to know them better - what inspires their artwork, what their practise involves, and even where they work. We'll be keeping you updated on our facebooktwitter, and instagram pages, as well as artist features right here on our journal.

In the lead up to the launch, Société Perrier will also be running a series of interviews with the artists so make sure to check them out.

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