Kathryn Ryan | A Quiet Place : Paintings & Drawings 1995 - 2015

Capsule Arts artist Kathryn Ryan is the subject of a new survey exhibition opening on 18 July, 6pm, at the Warrnambool Art Gallery in her native Australia.

Kathryn was based in the UAEfrom 2008 - 2014 and is now currently dividing her time between Dubai and Australia. The upcoming exhibition brings together works from her time living in the UAE alongside her landscape paintings of the vast Australian landscape, and spans her artistic practice from 1995 - 2015.

Bluestone Magazine recently published an article on Kathryn's studio practice and upcoming survey exhibition, A Quiet Place, which you can read now here.

Kathryn is inspired by the quality of light, mood and atmosphere found in her surroundings. While in Australia, she has spent many years painting the South Victorian landscapes, with the gnarled and wintry trees serving as a source of inspiration

In Dubai the focus of her practice changed from expansive landscape views to the intimate details of nature, light and shadow found in her local environment, from the plant life to the intricately patterned shadows cast by ornate Arabic lanterns.  She explains: "I was searching for the beauty in nature in urban Dubai".

Capsule Arts offers a range of limited edition art prints of Kathryn's works made in the UAE, all available to buy online HERE.